Transatlantic Balloon Crossings

The first successful Transatlantic balloon flight was in 1978. There have been another 11 flights since then.

The list does not include transits of the Atlantic made by Round-the-World flights.

1978 Double Eagle II

Date                  12th – 17th August 1978

Pilots                    Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson and Larry Newman

Balloon                 Helium – Yost GB-55. 160,000 cu ft (4,530 m3). s/n 108. N50DE

Launch                 Presque Isle, Maine, USA

Landing                Miserey, France

1984 Rosie O’Grady’s Balloon of Peace

Date           14th – 18th September 1984

Pilot                      Joe Kittinger

Balloon                 Helium. Yost GB-55. 106,000 cu ft (3,000 m³). AA-10. s/n 111.  Reg N53NY

Launch                 Caribou, Maine, USA

Landing                Montenotte, Italy

1986 Dutch Viking

Date  30th Aug – 2nd September 1986

Pilots                    Henk Brink, Willem Hageman & Evelien Brink

Balloon                 Roziere – Cameron Balloons R-225. 225,000 cu ft (6,370 m³). c/n 1230. PH-EIS

Launch                 St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Landing                Almere, Nr Amsterdam, Netherlands

1987 Virgin Atlantic Flyer

Date                  2nd – 3rd July 1987

Pilots                    Per Lindstrand & Richard Branson

Balloon                 Hot Air – Colt 2500A. 2,290,000 cu ft (64,845 m³). s/n 1100. G-USUK

Launch                 Sugarloaf, Maine, USA

Landing                Limavady, Northern Ireland. Then Ditched in Irish Sea

1992 La Ciudad de Helva

Date                  8th – 14th February 1992

Pilots                    Thomas Feliu & Jesus Gonzales Green

Balloon                 Roziere. Cameron Balloons R-60. 60,000 cu ft (1,700 m³). s/n 2057. G-BRGU

Launch                 Hierro, Canary Islands

Landing                Maturin, Venezuela

Notes                    First Transatlantic Balloon Flight From East to West

1992 Chrysler 1

Date           16th – 21st September 1992

Pilots                    Wim Verstraeten & Bertrand Piccard (Belgium)

Balloon                 Rozier. Cameron R-77. 77,000 cu ft (2,180 m³). s/n 2712. G-BUFA

Launch                 Bass Park Raceway. Bangor, Maine, USA.

Landing                Peque, Spain

1992 Chrysler 3

Date          16th – 21st September 1992

Pilots           Don Cameron & Rob Bayly

Balloon                 Rozier. Cameron R-77. 77,000 cu ft (2,180 m³). s/n 2823. G-BUFC

Launch                 Bass Park Raceway. Bangor, Maine, USA.

Landing                Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Notes                    2nd Place in the Chrysler Transatlantic Challenge

1992 Chrysler 5

Date          16th – 22nd September 1992

Pilots                    Richard Abruzzo & Troy Bradley (USA)

Balloon                 Rozier. Cameron R-77. 77,000 cu ft (2,180 m³). s/n 2825. G-BUFE

Launch                 Bass Park Raceway. Bangor, Maine, USA.

Landing                Sidi Amar El Kadmiri, near Casablanca, Morocco

Notes                    3rd Place in the Chrysler Transatlantic Challenge

1994 Peregrine

Date                  18th – 22nd August 1994

Pilots                 Steve Fossett & Tim Cole

Balloon                 Roziere. Cameron R-77. 77,000 cu ft (2,180 m³). s/n 3228. G-BVJO

Launch                 Feildian Gardens, St.John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Landing                Trittau, Near Hamburg, Germany

2000 Region Lorrain

Date   30th Aug – 5th September 2000

Pilots                    Laurent Lajoye & Christophe Houver

Balloon                 Roziere. Lindstrand LBL 77M. 77,000 cu ft (2,180 m³).

Launch                 St John, New Brunswick, Canada

Landing                Saon, France

Notes                    First French Crossing of The Atlantic

2003 Uniq Atlantic Challenge

Date    26th – 29th September 2003

Pilot              David Hempleman-Adams

Balloon                 Roziere. Cameron R-90, 90,000 cu ft (2,550 m³). s/n 4751. G-BYZX

Launch                 Elementary School, Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Landing                Grange Farm, Stalmine, near Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire UK

Notes                    First Transatlantic Balloon Flight in an Open Wicker Basket

2007 Toshiba Transatlantic Challenge

Date               3rd – 6th July 2007

Pilot             David Hempleman-Adams

Balloon                 Helium. Padelt G-37. 37,000 cu ft (1,048m³). s/n 37TA. N66050

Launch                 St John’s Newfoundland

Landing                Nolay, France  )

Notes                    Smallest Balloon to Cross The Atlantic


Let’s us hope that Mike and Debbie make it a 12th, and record breaking one.

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