Midlands Air Festival


We are pleased to announce the BBM&L will have a stand at The Midlands Air Festival.

Midlands Air Festival – ​4th to 6th June 2021

Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire. B49 5NJ

A team of enthusiastic members will inflate a selection of balloons from the collection so put in a request for good weather.

The producers of THE AERONAUTS film have given the BBM&L a number of artefacts used in the film and we have chosen a selection to offer for sale.

So raid your piggy banks and choose an area of wall that needs a unique framed artefact from the most dramatic balloon film ever made !

This is a sand bag used on one of the flights of the gas balloon ‘MAMMOTH’ with a signed authentication from the balloon’s crew chief ( our president!)


These two flags are made of silk/satin and measure about 5 feet long – The W and G standing for Wren and Glaisher who flew the balloon to 36,000 feet ( approximately)

We have secured a number of copies of the book of the true story behind the film and signed by the crew chief. Gripping reading !

If you have not yet seen the film, it is available on Amazon prime.



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