Finally we can get the BBM&L 16th Inflation Day under way (third time of asking)! Once again we are back at Pidley, Huntingdon, but not in the same location as previous years, but we look forward to a successful days event and remain indebted to David Hopkins for allowing the use of his land for the event.


GATES OPEN: 7:30am Spectator vehicles will be directed to the public parking area which will be adjacent to the inflation area tree-line!

BRIEFING:   8:30am at the BBM&L Display Trailer: The BBM&L Inflation event will commence with briefing and close at the end of prize giving – expected to be about 17:15, but subject to final confirmation.

SPECTATORS ENTRY FEE; All spectators will be charged a £5.00 donation per person (no charge for under 16’s). Payment must be cash please (NO card facilities available). All will be issued with a wristband to enable access to and from the site!

ARENA ACCESS: Non-balloonists are asked to remain behind the treeline for their own safety!

DRIVING & SAFETY ON SITE: Please remember we are guests of David Hopkins. Drive considerately at all times whilst on site keep to a safe speed so as not to endanger pedestrians or fellow balloonists. Please respect others property and especially ensure children are properly supervised – it is going to be a busy day (weather permitting!)

LOCATION: The site is located on OS Map 142 Ref: 334 784 Manor Farm (or PE28 3DD closest post-code).

FACILITIES: Toilets are available, and a refreshments van will be located adjacent to the inflation area.

CAMPING:  Camping is permitted and located within the site – a donation of £10 will apply for the weekend. No pre-booking required – payment on site!


BALLOON REGISTRATION: Balloonists are required to complete a registration form in advance (available via BBM&L web site with balloon details, and emailed to Tim Turner ( or post to: 11 Gilbey Close, Wellingborough, Northants NN9 5YG. Retain a copy for yourself for production on arrival at the Pidley gate to be eligible for 2 free entry tickets – balloon & bottom end, one free entry for balloon only or models, others within the vehicle are required to pay!

DAYLIGHT TIMES; Sunrise 05:46 and Sunset 20:12 (both BST)

BALLOON SAFETY: All inflations must use a three-point tether system.

PROPANE:  No gas is available so please come with full tanks!

CofA INSPECTIONS: Inspections welcome, by direct arrangement with a CofA Inspector.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS:  Pilots are reminded of their obligation in respect of the validity of licences (including current medicals), and compliance with the ANO and insurance requirements.

INSURANCE:  All balloon owners/operators must comply with the 2005 EU directives.

PRIZES:  Balloons over 15 years old (i.e. balloons registered before 23rd April 2007), and registered for the event, will be eligible for prizes as decided by the BBM&L Council.  As usual, the nature of awards which warrant prizes, will remain a mystery to all but the organisers until announced at prize giving!      


OUR SPONSORS NOTE: LAAS International has once again very kindly sponsored the event for which we are extremely grateful. LAAS is an aviation enthusiasts group, and for an annual subscription of £43 you get a monthly magazine featuring all matters aviation in the UK – for further details see their web site at:

CHILDREN: Children travelling with balloonists are allowed in the inflation area but are to be supervised at all times – games not permitted.

FURTHER INFO:  Any questions please contact Tim Turner 01933 710276, mobile 07779 528243 or email  The BBM&L website  is where all information relating to the event can be found.

Whether you currently own a balloon, have access to a balloon or are simply curious as to what ballooning is all about –


Sponsored by LAAS International

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