Well we finally got the 16th BBM&L Inflation Day event completed – the previous days forecast was so frustrating and I must admit I ‘lost the will’ and all motivation at one point as one could sense a very poor event approaching, which would have been so disappointing! Covid beat us twice previously (no choice there) but this one was in our hands so we stood our ground (resisted all the prompts to ‘roll’ the event or even cancel) and had a very surprising and thankfully successful day!  36 balloons came out of their bags creating very challenging conditions for the crews and in particular the pilots who ultimately had the difficult decisions to make – to cold inflate or go hot – they all did a grand job for the benefit of the Museum and John Tyrrell (Safety Officer) was very pleased with the professional and safe approach from everyone – the enthusiasm from the four main teams was beyond the call!

We send our thanks to Andy Marshall for sharing his video of the activities.


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