With just over two weeks to go I thought an update on the plans for the approaching BBM&L Inflation Day – Saturday 23rd April 2022! Glad to say things are progressing nicely – I currently have 45 balloons registered for the event (thank you Ian Chadwick for the latest entry) which is a brilliant effort and thanks to all the pilots and crews for planning to attend – some are going to be VERY busy with the length of their entries and there are some real ‘goodies’ on the list (Mark Stelling has been ‘working overtime’ for the event benefit!) The Museum’s contribution is to be added to that number so a further 15 to be potentially on view! The Museum has two Piccard’s which are planned for inflation together (sadly Don Piccard a VP of the BBM&L, died in 2020). Three London Pride’s are planned for inflation together for the first time since Cardington 1997 (anyone remember that event). Also to be inflated will be Carousel II (G-BDSK) as a tribute to Renee Thornton (who also sadly died in 2020) who, being a founder member of the BBM&L, and in appreciation of her dedication over many years on the Museum Council!

Briefing is planned for 08:30 and inflations there-after – here is hoping for some good weather to finally get this event going – really looking forward to seeing everyone and lots of colourful balloons again! The BBM&L display trailer will be active for any membership renewals and sales plus a couple of other aviation stands, a burger van will be on site with the golfclub facilities available at Lakeside!

We are keeping the entry charge to £5 pp cash on the gate please (I know cash is used rarely used these days but please have it available as there is no alternative). Pilots please bring a copy of your entry form to get your two person free entry (others must pay), balloon only and models entitled to one free entry – show registration form on arrival!

As ever our thanks for LAAS International for once again sponsoring the event – very welcome support which helps us with event overheads, and of course our appreciation to David Hopkins for allowing us to use his land for this years event!

That’s about all, so – see you on the 23rd April!


Tim Turner

Registration form is HERE.

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