Inflation Day 2020, 25th April

Inflation Day 2020 Early Plans

Plans have been formulated for the 2020 BBM&L Inflation Day, and the date has been set to be: Saturday 25 April 2020

For an entry form, click here.

We are equally pleased to say the location is once again to be Lakeside Lodge at Pidley, but now under new management. Again, those at the AGM will be aware I announced that David Hopkins had completed the sale of Lakeside Lodge and with his valued help we have secured the use of the site from the new owners for our event. This was welcome news as I believe the site to be a perfect and popular location, with pilots and enthusiasts alike!

It’s early days in the planning but we expect the process to run along similar lines to previous events at Pidley, the practice golf range will continue to be the focus for the event! We hope the other facilities will be available but subject to confirmation! As the Museum is celebrating 40 years of existence it’s in the planning to do a 1979 line-up (any balloons registered in 1979 welcome) and an additional theme of Hoppers, and with the recent donation of a special shape hopper it could be the perfect centre piece – watch this space!

Any requests for Museum balloons (I cannot promise to accommodate them all however) or questions contact Tim Turner via Look forward to seeing you all in April!

Tim Turner

BBM&L Secretary & Inflation Day Co-Ordinator

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