Happy St Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day – Love is in the Air!

Just to remind you it’s also a Leap Year and although this may sound a bit outdated now, a Leap Year has been traditionally known as the one time that a woman can ask a man to marry her, rather than the other way around.

Did you know this tradition began in Ireland in the 5th century and that the woman making the proposal should be dressed in a red petticoat to give the unsuspecting bachelor fair warning of her intentions!

Here’s a lovely little proposal story from esteemed balloon pilot Rob Bayly that we thought you would enjoy.

“Flying from Bristol Fiesta some years ago Ian Martin and I in our separate balloons both decided to have short flights and both steered towards the same area in Hengrove Park. It looked like we might collide on the same patch of grass so I radio Ian to ask if he intended to land. His reply was ‘I want to land but he hasn’t proposed yet!’ At which point I could see his passenger produce a little box and try to kneel down in the basket. Then there was a hug and kiss… 30 seconds later we both landed side by side and shared the happy couple’s champagne.”

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