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Friends of the British Balloon Museum and Library pay an annual subscription of £10 which brings access to all of the BBM&L collections, regular issues of our journal, Trailrope , and one of the much-prized BBM&L lapel badges. There are Inflation Days when historic balloons are given an airing and a great Annual Luncheon. Most important is the knowledge that you are helping to save what could so easily be lost.

Friends may log in to gain access to private areas of the web site. To do so, use the email address you have supplied to the Membership Administrator. First time users should click on ‘Forgot your Password’ and you will be sent an email containing a link which will allow you to set your password.

What we do

The history of hot-air and gas ballooning is important and fascinating, but it is fast in danger of being lost. The BBM&L was formed in 1979 with the purpose of trying to preserve the many items associated with this very popular activity.

As a registered charity, it is run entirely by volunteers and is funded by subscriptions from Friends and some donations.

We have saved about 200 historic balloons and built up a large collection of equipment such as balloon burners, baskets, instruments and a wide range of ballooning memorabilia such as stamps, posters, prints, cards, models, photographs, trophies, badges etc.

There is also a comprehensive collection of books, technical papers and magazines.

We have a display at Cameron Balloons in Bristol and the BBM&L also has a mobile display unit, which can be taken to events, displays and schools to further interest.

As a registered charity, the BBM&L may claim a tax refund through the Inland Revenue’s ‘Gift Aid’ scheme, based on subscriptions from those Friends who are UK taxpayers. The Application Forms ask you to confirm that you pay UK tax and are agreeable to this.


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