Name: Zanussi
Type: Cameron AT-165
Serial number: 400
First flown: 20/6/78, Bristol, Avon (hot-air only)
Notes: G-BIAZ (Zanussi) was a Roziere balloon, Roziere balloons use a combination of helium and hot air. Below the spherical helium gas cell is a conical sleeve where air can be heated by burners in the same way as a normal hot air balloon. By varying the hot air temperature, altitude can be maintained without having to release helium or to drop ballast. The burners are principally used to compensate for the lack of solar heating at night. Don Cameron (pilot) and Chris Davey flew from St Johns in Newfoundland across the Atlantic. but due to a small tear developing in the helium cell, ditched in the Bay of Biscay. A distance of 3 339.086 km. G-BIAZ was converted to hot air only in 1979. It was badly damaged at Trebenbach in Austrai on 14th January 1980, with a total flying time of 114hrs. Donated to the BBM&L.
Credit: Richard Hands/BBM&L

7 February 1978
Ballooning Endeavours Ltd

27 May 1980
Cancelled as destroyed

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