Name: Shadowfax II
Type: Cameron N-77
Serial number: 547
First flown: 25/12/76, Widmerpool, Nottinghamshire
Notes: Daniella Bridge piloted G-BHHK to achieve the British Altitude Female record on the 13th August 1983 for AX7-AX15, with an altitude of 16,695ft. Ian Bridge piloted G-BHHK to win the British Nationals in 1981 and 1982, and he came 4th in 1979 in this same balloon.
Credit: Mel Kirby

5 December 1979
SR Bridge & IS Bridge & A Dumbill

10 May 1981
Certificate of Airworthiness expired

3 February 1987
Cancelled by the CAA

3 February 1992
Ian Bridge

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