Name: Zanussi Airship

Type: Cameron D-96 Airship

Serial No: 300

First flown: 15/7/77, Blaise Castle, Avon

Notes: On the 8th January 1994, at the Icicle Meet, Warren Farm, Savernake, Wiltshire, this airship made the local news when the engine failed and the airship became entangled in the trees. The local fire brigade were called to get the pilot and crew down. Later the BBC did an action replay for a programme called 999. Focussing on the rescue. The envelope was destroyed but the BBM&L have the gondola (the airship car)


13 April 1977

IAZ International Ltd

22 September 1988

David W Liddiard

23 August 1993

Malcolm E White

28 April 1994

Cancelled as permanently withdrawn from use

G-INFO record