Name: Isibidbi/Mike Kilo

Type: Cameron D-96 Airship

Serial No: 72

First flown: 4/1/1973, Lockinge, Oxfordshire

Notes: The Airship carried Dortmunder & Pilkskrone artwork which has since been removed. The Gondola is on display at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Woodley, Berkshire. The envelope is in store. It was inflated at the BBM&L Inflation day in November 1990

Credit: Tim Turner/BBM&L


11 January 1973

Cameron Balloons Ltd

6 December 1980

Certificate of Airworthiness expired

24 November 1986

Cancelled as withdrawn from use

7 February 1989

DW Liddiard/British Balloon Museum & Library

24 April 1990

Certificate of Airworthiness expired

16 August 2000

Cancelled by the CAA

G-INFO record