Name: Shy-Tot

Type: Cameron O-42

Serial No: 26

First flown: 14/11/71, Brookwood, Surrey

Notes: Shy-Tot held the World Distance Record at 102km (63.4 miles) Class Ax5
British Distance Records as above for Ax5-Ax15
World and British Endurance Records Classes Ax5 – Ax15 of 2hrs 27mins.
This was the first 42,000 cu.ft. balloon built in the UK, and built by the Cameron factory.
Donated to the BBM&L.

Credit: Mel Kirby


9 September 1971

Tom.M. & Mrs Christine Donnelly

31 March 1972

Flown by Tom Donnelly to a total of 34 records (12 World Records, 22 British Records)

17 June 1975

M.P. Dokk-Olsen & P.L. Jaye

15 May 1981

Certificate of Airworthiness expired

25 March 1992

Cancelled as withdrawn from use

G-INFO record