Name: Bristol Belle

Type: Brighton 65

Serial No: MAB 1

First flown: 9/7/67 Weston-on-the-Green, Oxon

Notes: Bristol Belle was the first modern hot-air balloon, built in the United Kingdom by Don Cameron, Mark Westwood, Bill Malpas, Giles Bulmer. Charles Meizl, Malcolm Brighton and Tom Sage.
The envelope was finished at Vacuum Relex Ltd. In Essex and later modified by RFd-GQ Ltd. Of Woking 29/11/70
Flew to Malta from the deck of HMS Ark Royal.

Credit: Richard Hands, BBM&L


17 August 1967

Wiliam (Bill).E. Malpas, t/a The Hot Air Group

30 May 1974

Terry.A. Adams

11 August 1981

Cancelled as withdrawn from use

G-INFO record