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The BBM&L Library used to be at the University of Cranfield but the collection is currently looking for a more central home. It is a reference-only collection, and the Library is unable to lend any books or other publications. A small selection is shown below.

The British Balloon Museum is pleased to accept donations of balloon literature of any kind, including books entirely on lighter than air flight, magazine articles, birthday cards, balloon cards, packaging, printed programmes from balloon meets and pilot’s packs. Log books of historical balloons or persons associated with ballooning are welcome, as they reflect the development of the sport.

Cat No. Author Title
BO0000188 L/A – Notes on Aerostation & Kite Balloon Notes
BO0000215 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aviation & Space
MA114 National Geographic Magazine February 1977 – The Silver Fox
MA115 National Geographic Magazine December 1978 – Double Eagle II
BO0000192 ? Das Werk Zeppelins
BO0000194 ? 30 Jahre. Luftschiffahrt – Zeppelin
BO0000201 A de St SauverC & A DolfusJean Renee Fontaine L’Atlantique en Ballon
BO0000193 A Hildebrandt Luft =, Schiff =, Fahrt
BO0000114 Abbott P Airships
BO0000183 Abbott P Airships
BO0000148 Adams-Ray E Andrée Diaries
BO0000065 Airship Guarantee Co Airship R100
BO0000173 Allan I The Last Great Adventure
BO0000039 Allen J Aviation & Space Museums of America
BO0000025 Bacon G Record of an Aeronaut
BO0000013 Baker J A British Balloons
BO0000017 Baker J A Balloons and Ballooning
BO0000202 Benoit Peeters Les Metamorphoses de Nadar
BO0000066 Bertrand R Petite Histoire Ill.des Ailes Francaises
BO0000213 Bill Gunston Aviation – The Story of Flight
BO0000087 Blakemore T L Pressure Airships
BO0000008 Boesman J Luchtschepen en Ballons
BO0000147 Bookbinder A Comrades
BO0000042 Bothe W-B Ballonfahren in Munster
BO0000009 Botting D Shadow in the Clouds
BO0000040 Botting D The Giant Airships
BO0000022 Brewer G Fifty Years of Flying
BO0000060 Brewer G Some Kite Balloon Experiments
BO0000129 Bridgeman W Lonely Sky
BO0000132 Bridgman L Jane’s all the World’s Aircraft 1953-54
BO0000133 Bridgman L Jane’s all the World’s Aircraft 1952-53
BO0000134 Bridgman L Jane’s all the World’s Aircraft 1947
BO0000135 Bridgman L Jane’s all the World’s Aircraft 1943-44
BO0000011 Briggs G O Move Over Jet Here Comes The Zep
BO0000048 Brooks P W Historic Airships
BO0000049 Burge C G Complete Book of Aviation
BO0000084 Burgess C P Airship Design
BO0000105 Buttlar Brandenfels Zeppeline gegen England
BO0000019A Cameron Balloons Cameron Balloons
BO0000027 Cameron D Ballooning Handbook
BO0000029 Castle H G Fire Over England
BO0000209 CES Mowthorpe Battlebags – British Airships of the First World War
BO0000157 Cescotti R Aviation Dictionary German/English
BO0000097 Chandler C D Balloon and Airship Gases
BO0000137 Chandler C deF Aircraft Power Plants
BO0000223 Charles A Lindburg We
BO0000184 Charles D Story of Aircraft
BO0000146 Charlwood D No Moon Tonight
BO0000179 Christopher J Hot Air
BO0000077 Clarke B History of Airships
BO0000190 CN ShawcrossKM Beaumont Air Law
BO0000127 Collier B Heavenly Adventurer
BO0000002 Cornish J J Air Arm of the Confederacy
BO0000217 Count de la Vaulx Les Derigibles Pt.IIChapters 15-17
BO0000218 Count de la Vaulx Les Derigibles Pt.IIChapters 18-19
BO0000178 Coxwell H My Life and Balloon Experiences
BO0000180 Coxwell H My Life & Balloon Experiences.2nd Series
BO0000068 Davy M J B Aeronautics
BO0000140 De Havilland De Havilland Hydromatic Propellor
BO0000074 Dean C Housing the Airship
BO0000041 Deighton L Airshipwreck
BO0000115 Dick H G Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg
BO0000003 Dixon P L Ballooning
BO0000061 Dolder F Himmelfahrt mit Helvetia
BO0000220 Douglas Botting Dr Eckeners Dream Machine
BO0000051 Ebert W M Vom Abenteuer Ballonfahren
BO0000100 Eckener H My Zeppelins
BO0000023 Ege L Balloons and Airships 1783-1973
BO0000057 Egleton C A Falcon for the Hawks
BO0000156 Eiloart A Flight of the Small World
BO0000016 Fabb J Flying and Ballooning
BO0000052 Finlay W Famous Flights of Airships and Balloons
BO0000195 FJJ Sharman Basil Blimp – The big Balloon
BO0000196 FJJ Sharman Micro Airships
BO0000203 FJJ Sharman Introduction to Micro Airships – End of the Second Wave
BO0000126 Fokker A H G Flying Dutchman
BO0000206 Frances K Mason M Windrow The Concise Encyclopedia of Aviation
BO0000214 G Gibbard Jackson The World’s Aeroplanes and Airships
BO0000026 Gardiner L Lunardi
BO0000026A Gardiner L Man in the Clouds
BO0000004 Gibbs-Smith C H Ballooning
BO0000078 Gibbs-Smith C H Sir George Cayley’s Aeronautics
BO0000174 Gibbs-Smith C H Aeronautics
BO0000139 Golding H Wonder Book of Aircraft
BO0000104 Goote T Peter Strasser der F.d.L.
BO0000121 Graham-White C Aeroplane
BO0000141 Green W Aircraft of the World
BO0000145 Green W Jet Aircraft of the World
BO0000159 Green W Observer’s Book of Aircraft
BO0000160 Green W Observer’s Book of Aircraft
BO0000001B Grover G E Military Ballooning, 1862
BO0000054 Gunston B Aviation
BO0000191 Gunter Schmidt Werner Schwipps 20 Kapitel Fruhe Luftfarht
BO0000067 Hachette L Encyclopedie par L’Image L’Aviation
BO0000151 Haggard H R Allan Quatermain
BO0000069 Hansen Z The Goodyear Airships
BO0000046 Hardy A Weekend with Willows
BO0000181 Harper H Man’s Conquest of the Air
BO0000099 Hartcup G Achievement of the Airship
BO0000091 Heichen W Abenteuer der Luft
BO0000073 Higham R British Rigid Airship, 1908-1931
BO0000092 Hildebrandt A Balloons and Airships
BO0000076 Hodges G Memoirs of an Old Balloonatic
BO0000070 Hood J F Story of Airships
BO0000175 Hooks M J Aviation Year No.1.
BO0000176 Hooks M J Aviation Year No.2.
BO0000059 Hooper D 10th Anniversary Dublin Ballooning Club
BO0000155 Huddleston J Earth is but One Country
BO0000030 Jackson D D Aeronauts
BO0000081 Jackson R Airships in Peace and War
BO0000010 Jenkinson A K Balloons Around the World
BO0000221 John Christopher Riding the Jetstream
BO0000222 John Christopher Ballooning – From Basics to Record Breaking
BO0000098 Johnson V E Flying and Some of Its Mysteries
BO0000012 Keller C L U.S.S. Shenandoah
BO0000082 Knausel H G Zeppelin and the United Sates of America
BO0000158 Lawrence J Observer’s Book of Airplanes
BO0000161 Lawrence J Observer’s Book of Aircraft
BO0000079 Leasor J Millionth Chance
BO0000015 Lee A G Flying Cathedral
BO0000186 Leeder D B Aviation Vol.1. Balloons and Airships
BO0000096 Lehmann E A Zeppelins
BO0000197 Leo Dicknson Ballooning over Everest
BO0000152 Lewis C Sagittarius Rising
BO0000123 Lewis P British Aircraft 1809-1914
BO0000113 Linke F Die Luftschiffahrt
BO0000106 Litchfield P W Why?
BO0000177 Mabley E H The Motor Balloon “America”
BO0000050 Mackworth-Praed B Aviation: The Pioneer Years
BO0000182 Malpas E Lighter than Air
BO0000112 Marben R Zeppelin Adventures
BO0000033 McCarry C Double Eagle
BO0000090 McKinty A Father of British Airships
BO0000144 McPhee J Deltoid Pumpkin Seed
BO0000053 Meager G My Airship Flights 1915-1930
BO0000204 Michael M Mooney The Hindenburg
BO0000036 Miller C Airships and Balloons
BO0000083 Morris A Balloonatics
BO0000058 Moss P W The British Civil Aircraft Registers
BO0000118 Mowforth E An Introduction to the Airship
BO0000205 MR Apne [In Russian]
BO0000110 Nielsen T Zeppelin Story
BO0000108 Nimfuhr R Dir Luftschiffahrt
BO0000102 Nobile U My Polar Flights
BO0000103 Nobile U My Five Years with Soviet Airships
BO0000198 Norman Pritchard British Records
BO0000199 Norman Pritchard World Records
BO0000200 Norman Pritchard British Balloon & Airship Competitions Handbook
BO0000072 Owen D Flight
BO0000005 Park R M Diary of a Wayward Balloon
BO0000187 Paul Garrison The Encyclopedia of Hot Air Ballooning
BO0000208 Paul R Hare The Royal Aircraft Factory
BO0000120 Pesce G The Italian Airships
BO0000130 Pollard A O Boy’s Book of Aviation
BO0000088 Poolman K Zeppelins Over England
BO0000080 Pritchard J L Sir George Cayley
BO0000117 Publisher They Were Dependable
BO0000119 Publisher Airships – A New Look
BO0000035 Rechs R J Who’s Who of Ballooning
BO0000224 Richard G Van Treuren Hindenburg – The Wrong Paint
BO0000047 Riley J Foxcub KitBook of the Goodyear Airship
BO0000136 Robertson B British Military A/C Serials 1911-1979
BO0000109 Robinson D H Zeppelin in Combat
BO0000034 Rolt L T C Aeronauts
BO0000225 Rosalind Plume Dante Balloon Group – The First 25 Years
BO0000225A Rosalind Plume Dante Balloon Group – The Next Five Years
BO0000021 Saffery C Mini Ballooning
BO0000063 Sage T Don Cameron Balloons
BO0000075 Schutte E H J Luftschiffbau Schutte-Lanz 1909-1925
BO0000211 SE Ellacott The Story of Aircraft
BO0000111 Seibel C W Helium
BO0000024 Shepherd D When The Chute Went Up
BO0000153 Shute N Slide Rule
BO0000093 Simmonds R All About Aircraft
BO0000122 Simons D G Man High
BO0000107 Sinclair J A Famous Airships of the World
BO0000018 Smith A Throw Out Two Hands
BO0000116 Smith R K Airships Akron and Macon
BO0000062 Spelterini S High Alpine Ballooning
BO0000154 Spoerl H Der Gasmann
BO0000043 Straub H Fliegen mit Feuer und Gas
BO0000128 Thetford O Aircraft of the Royal Air Force 1918-57
BO0000210 Tim Childerhouse The Aldershot Aeronauts
BO0000006 Turnbull C Hot Air Ballooning
BO0000086 Upson R H Free and Captive Balloons
BO0000085 Vaeth J G Graf Zeppelin
BO0000032 Ventry A F D Airship Saga
BO0000056 Ventry A F D Janes Pocket Book of Airship Development
BO0000014 Verne J Cinq Semaines en Ballon
BO0000138 von Karman T Aerodynamics
BO0000045 Wagoner D Ropes & Tether Systems
BO0000095 Warner E P Aerostatics
BO0000007 Warwick A R Ballooning
BO0000212 Will Hayes The Complete Ballooning Book
BO0000089 Williams T B Airship Pilot No.28.
BO0000124 Williamson M M Aircraft Development & Production (1)
BO0000125 Winston R A Dive Bomber
BO0000055 Wragg D W Flight before Flying
BO0000094 Wykeham P Santos-Dumont
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