The BBM&L 2016 AGM & Annual Luncheon

The Great British Balloon Lunchtime

The 2016 BBM&L AGM and Annual Luncheon held at the Elcot near Newbury on October 30th 2016 was a brilliant success. More people attended the event this year than for the last six years, many travelling hundreds of miles, Wilf Woollett and Rachel, flew


in from Ireland for the day! We put the increased popularity down to having a brilliant speaker, Mike Kendrick.

After the lunch, Mike gave an extremely amusing talk with lots of slides charting his early days in ballooning. He took his audience through the setting up of Virgin Airships & Balloons with Richard Branson, to the adventures and events he created and masterminded with Richard. As Robin Batchelor said ‘he quite rightly received thunderous applause at the end of his talk’.

Before Mike Kendrick’s talk, the Chairman’s trophy, awarded to the person who has done most for the BBM&L, was presented by Chairman Richard d’Alton to Tim Turner for organising such a successful Inflation Day earlier in the year. It was well deserved.


The Museum would not be able to exist without the amazing generosity of the Friends of the Museum, whose numbers are swelling every year. This year, the quality of the items offered for Robin Batchelor to auction was superb, many hundreds of pounds were raised for this worthwhile charity. Robin Batchelor is not only the President of the British Balloon Museum & Library, but also a brilliant auctioneer, he did a superb job. Some lucky bidders got some very good bargains.

Angela Liquorish, the Museum’s own Great Balloon Bake-Off champion, produced hundreds of cupcakes all with the BBM&L logo on top, these were put on the tables with a cup and a flag, saying if ‘you want a cake, you must donate’. Needless to say there were no cakes left at the end of the meal, but lots of full up cups from the tables.

From the luncheon, auction and raffle, a great deal of money was raised for the British Balloon Museum & Library, a charity which ‘Saves the Past for the Future’ with balloons and artefacts. A subscription to the BBM&L is only £10 a year and you get four magazines for that subscription, and invitations to events such as the Luncheons, Inflation Days, and a few more that are in the pipeline.

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