Who's who?

Back row - left to right. Celia Kunert - Friends Administrator Secretary.  John Baker - Archivist.  Jeff Roberts - Vice Chairman.  Pete Bish - Council Member. John Crawford - Treasurer.  Angela Lickorish - Council Member.  Dr. Giles Camplin - Council Member.  Jennifer d'Alton - Public Relations / Press Liaison and Trailrope Editor. Front Row - left to right. Tim Turner - Secretary.  Richard d’Alton - Chairman.  Robin Batchelor - President.



Robin Batchelor

Vice Presidents

Peter Sadler

Nigel Tasker

David Hopkins


Richard d’Alton
Tel: 01665 714777
Email: chairman@bbml.org.uk

Vice Chairman

Jeff Roberts
Email: vicechairman@bbml.org.uk


Tim Turner
Tel: 07779 528243
Email: secretary@bbml.org.uk


John Crawford
Email: treasurer@bbml.org.uk

Friends Administrator Secretary

Celia Kunert
Tel: 01189 730454
Email: friends@bbml.org.uk


John Baker
Tel: 01189 340679
Email: archives@bbml.org.uk

Public Relations & Press Liaison

Jennifer d’Alton
Tel: 01665 714777
Email: pr@bbml.org.uk

Trailrope Editor

Jennifer d’Alton
Tel: 01665 714777
Email: trailrope@bbml.org.uk

Council Members

Dr. David Bareford
Peter Bish
Martyn Turner
Jeff Roberts

Angela Lickorish

Dr. Giles Camplin

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