About us

The history of hot-air and gas ballooning is important and fascinating, but it is fast in danger of being lost. The BBM&L was formed in 1979 with the purpose of trying to preserve the many items associated with this very popular activity.

As a registered charity, it is run entirely by volunteers and is funded by subscriptions from Friends and some donations.

We have saved dozens of historic balloons and built up a large collection of equipment such as balloon burners, baskets, instruments and a wide range of ballooning memorabilia such as stamps, posters, prints, cards, models, photographs, trophies, badges etc.

There is also a comprehensive collection of books, technical papers and magazines, and there is a display in the reception area of Cameron Balloon Ltd in Bristol. The BBM&L also has a mobile display unit which can be taken to events, schools, colleges and displays to further peoples thirst for ballooning history.

Every two years, the BBM&L hold an Inflation Day. Many of the older envelopes are taken out of storage and inflated, it is a spectacular sight. Well over 100 were puffed up at Inflation Day 2016.

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