2018 Inflation Day 28th April

The BBM&L is pleased to announce the date for the 15th Biennial Inflation Day . It has been set for

28th April 2018

The location, for the fifth time thanks to David Hopkins inviting us back, will be:

Lakeside Lodge at Pidley, Huntingdon PE28 3DF. 

Click  ‘here.’ to get an entry form.

All balloons will be welcome, but balloons 15 years (registered prior to the 28th April 2002) and older will be eligible for prizes. 

We are in the early stages of planning, but the format is expected to be much the same as previous years, so don’t forget your membership cards!

Exciting times as we get the arrangements under way, so any thoughts on themes will be welcome – but don’t be long about it – the ‘clock’ is ticking! Once again, I am very pleased to say LAASi will be sponsoring the event, for which we are extremely grateful and will welcome their members to enjoy the additional benefits on the day, and not to forget our own BBM&L Friends of course!

The Museum has had many balloons donated since the last event 2 years ago, mostly conventional shaped balloons, but still assisting with representing the history of modern ballooning! Examples that have been donated include, Carousel 2 (G-BDSK) – the Museum already has Carousel 1 in the collection (G-AZOO), London Pride III (G-BDGH), how exciting it would be to have all three ‘London Prides’ inflated together!  The ‘top spot’ must go to G-BBCB (Cee-Bee) kindly donated by Giles Bulmer’s wife, Jillian and son Callum, a much sought-after donation and certainly will be the ‘star’ of the Museum representation at the event!

Once again we will have the ‘event pin’, which are becoming the ‘must have’ collectors items, with the 2018 version representing the fifth Inflation Day at Pidley!

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