Midlands Air Festival

Midlands Air Festival - 31st May - 2nd June 2024

Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire. B49 5NJ


Once again, we are taking our stand to the Midlands Air Festival to raise awareness of the BBM&L and to raise funds.  It is exciting to represent ballooning at the event and G-MUSM will be ‘flying the flag’ for the BBM&L.


Tickets for the air festival must be purchased in advance from


If you are at the festival do come along to our stand and say hello, it will be lovely to see you.




Envelopes, Baskets and Burners

In these pages, you can see a small selection of some of the items we have in store, including Envelopes, Baskets, Burners and Gondolas. Explore the Envelopes gallery, which has a detailed history of each item in the collection.


Our photo collection

A selection of images from our extensive photographic collection. The Museum has an amazing collections of black and white photographs dating back to the 1800s and early 1900s.


Books, magazines and memorabilia

A selection of the books and magazines contained in our collection. The BBM&L is pleased to accept donations of balloon literature of any kind.



View a selection of articles from our member magazine.

Trailrope front cover

As a thank you, we are offering you the chance to peak inside our quarterly membership magazine, Trailrope, to get a taste of the fascinating history of ballooning.

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This Day In History

1979 Hans-Peter Strelzyk, with co-pilot Gunter Wetzel escaped from East Germany flying a home made hot air balloon. Hans-Peter's passengers were his wife and 2 children, and Gunter's wife and 2 children. They took off from Oberlemnitz in East Germany, and successfully flew over the border ro S.Lichtenberg in West Germany. A flight which might have only last 28minutes and on a 16km distance, but it was their break for freedom into the West. Source: Buoyant Flight
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