The British Balloon Museum & Library held their AGM and Annual Luncheon on Sunday 29th October 2023  at the Donnington Grove Hotel, Newbury.

Robin Batchelor was our Post Prandial Speaker and told us all about some of the crazy stunts he has got up to whilst flying in various films and TV series and the stars he's doubled for including Pierce Brosnan and Alain Delon . Sometimes hair raising  sometimes hilarious.

The BBM&L AGM was held before the luncheon at 11.00am and our traditional raffle was held after lunch - no time left for the auction.



Envelopes, Baskets and Burners

In these pages, you can see a small selection of some of the items we have in store, including Envelopes, Baskets, Burners and Gondolas. Explore the Envelopes gallery, which has a detailed history of each item in the collection.


Our photo collection

A selection of images from our extensive photographic collection. The Museum has an amazing collections of black and white photographs dating back to the 1800s and early 1900s.


Books, magazines and memorabilia

A selection of the books and magazines contained in our collection. The BBM&L is pleased to accept donations of balloon literature of any kind.



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This Day In History

1998 David Hempleman-Adams G-BYDJ T&C 120A Flight over the Andes (Santiago, Chile - Paredito, Argentina)
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