Inflation Day 2010 a Resounding Success

Good-Day to you All, And what a GOOD day it was for the BBM&L on Saturday 15th after a VERY successful Inflation Day, hard work, but with in the region of 570 paying people through the gate a record breaker for traditional Inflation Days, that number makes it all the effort worthwhile and rewarding for […]

Lakeside Lodge to host British Balloon Museum & Library Inflation Day

The British Balloon Museum & Library (BBM&L) have never had one of their Inflation Days in Cambridgeshire before. They hold an Inflation Day every two years to ‘air’ the collection of over 100 colourful balloons and to show the public and balloonists, current and ex, how their donations have help save some amazing artefacts. In […]

Gordon Bennett 2010

The UK Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race Committee is proud to announce that Bristol has been selected for the start of the race in September 2010 from a short list of four. The Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett is the oldest aeronautical event in the world, first held in Paris in 1906. Traditional gas balloons make […]

Chairman’s Award – The David Liddiard Trophy

At the British Balloon Museum & Library annual luncheon on 25th October 2009, Chairman, Richard d’Alton announced that there was going to be a new trophy awarded. The Chairman’s award, in the form of the David Liddiard Trophy balloon. The trophy is a renovated wooden balloon which was donated by David Liddiard to the Museum. […]

The 2009 BBM&L Luncheon

This year’s BBM&L luncheon was an outstanding success. Not only did we have a brilliant speaker, Dr Janet Folkes, who relived the Gordon Bennett flight of GBR2 with herself and Dr Ann Rich, but very generous items for the auction, and more attendees than we have seen for a number of years. We know that […]

53rd Gordon Bennett Race 2009

The Doctors did it. Dr Janet Folkes and Dr Ann Rich broke two records and landed in sixth place in the 2009 Gordon Bennett Race which was launched from Geneva. The France I team won the “53e Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett”, after 4 days flying, landing near the airport of Lagos, in the extreme south-west […]

The BBM&L nightglow at Althorp

The BBM&L had a high presence at English Heritage’s Festival of History at Kelmarsh in July. During the event, Martyn Turner was approached and asked if the museum could provide two tethered balloons for a ‘Celebration of Northamptonshire’ at Althorp, home of the Spencer family. A dinner for 400 was being held at Althorp with […]

53rd Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett Gas balloon race

At 12:00 today the 53rd Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett, the famous international FAI aeronautical gas balloon race named after the US Media tycoon James Gordon Bennett, came to a fantastic close with the final landing of the 16th competitor in Portelas / Portugal, barely 20 km from the most western tip of the European Continent, […]

BBM&L join English Heritage’s ‘Festival of Life’

The Festival of History was held at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire in July. This was a real extravaganza of History. Every era of English history was represented, and battles re-enacted from throughout the ages. There were over 2,000 participants all in costumes of different times. The enormous site was just one big tent city with […]

35 Balloons inflated and flown at West Woodhay

British Balloon Museum & Library balloons were brought out of storage and puffed up for the public, alongside many privately owned balloons which had been brought along. They were all to act as a backdrop for the West Woodhay House Garden Show. The weather forecast looked great. 2-3 knots all weekend, but it was not […]