British Balloon and Airship Club (BBAC)

The British Balloon Museum and Library is affiliated to the BBAC, the regulatory body of UK ballooning. The membership includes pilots from the UK and the world, and is open to all with an interest in ballooning.

Airship Heritage Trust

The Trust is a charitable volunteer-run organisation based in the UK aiming to promote the interest and study in the history of airships and lighter than air travel, along with the preservation of Cardington airship station and its principal buildings. The AHT is affiliated to the BBM&L.

Airship Association

The only worldwide body catering solely for people interested in powered lighter-than-air aviation, with currently around 500 members world-wide.

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST)

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust is a registered charity formed in November 1993 to save Farnborough’s historic Main Site from wholesale demolition. This site, which has become surplus to Ministry of Defence requirements, includes the 8ft x 6ft transonic and 24ft low speed tunnels. FAST plans to turn the site into an Aerospace museum, dedicated to the future of aerospace research which will be constantly updated with the latest in aerospace technology.

British Aircraft Preservation Council (BAPC)

The BAPC was devised in 1967 to give identity to the numerous anonymous aircraft held in various public and private collections. The scope has been extended to include reproduction, plastic display and static airframes around the country. The Adams Balloon falls into this group with a BAPC number of 258.

National Balloon Museum of America

Located in Indianola, IN, the museum (free entry!) chronicles over 200 years of ballooning history.

Shuttleworth Trust

Solent Aviation Society

The Society was founded in the 1980s by two dozen aviation enthusiasts. Today it publishes “Osprey“, a magazine detailing aircraft movement both in the UK and abroad, with over 400 subscribers.

Royal Air Force Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum holds one of the finest collections of military aircraft, covering the period from the First World War to the advent of the V-Bomber Force. Amongst the exhibits is a section which includes military ballooning and its history, and an airship gondola from Nulli Secundus. The Museum occupies two public sites at Hendon in North London, and Cosford in Shropshire, West Midlands.

Science Museum

The Science Museum has a significant collection based at South Kensington and Wroughton. Included are articles of balloon and airship related items including Red Dragon, an American Piccard balloon.

Cameron Balloons Limited

The BBM&L have a selection of artefacts in a display in the reception of Cameron Balloons Ltd in Bristol. The public are welcome to view these but it s best to telephone first on +44 (0)117 9637216.

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

Several items are on display at the Museum, including the envelope of G-BLKU Mr Gas II, mannequins in flying suits, and pictures. In 2009, the museum  updated the display to show the history, especially of ballooning in Manchester.

The Zebedee List

The Zebedee List, updated monthly, has details of hundreds of lighter than air equipment for sale, from whole balloons or airships, to envelopes, baskets, burners or trailers. These are for sale world wide, from all sorts of manufacturers, sizes and ages.