The BBM&L AGM & Luncheon

The BBM&L AGM and the Annual Luncheon will be at the Mercure Elcot Hotel on Sunday 28th October.

Our post prandial speaker this year is Rob Bayly which is very exciting.

Rob qualified for his air hot air balloon pilot’s licence in 1987.  Five years later he flew the Atlantic as co-pilot with Don Cameron of the British entry in the only transatlantic balloon race. He has flown the English Channel three times and has three times been winner of the Great British Long Jump distance competition.  Extreme flights include across the Norwegian Arctic, Austrian Alps, Sri Lankan jungle and New Mexico desert.  Rob holds a number of records and has flown in many countries including Russia, USA, Australia, Malaysia and UAE Dubai.

As he is a seasoned speaker, we should be in for a very slick presentation.

Of course we cannot forget that our President, Robin Batchelor, straight from filming, will be trying to relief you of some pound coins at the auction held after the talk.