BBM&L balloons at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Peanuts & WonderfuelThe British Balloon Museum & Library were asked if the Fiesta could inflate some of the special shaped balloon envelopes to show to the public over the three day Fiesta.

The two balloons chosen had been donated to the museum. They were:

G-NUTS. Cameron Peanut Man-35-SS

Serial No: 711. Registered 11 February 1981

First flown: unknown

Notes: This was the second of two Peanut Men built by Camerons. The first was sold to America where it was replaced by an Aerostar International built example. The fate of the original Peanut Man is unknown.

G-BGOO Colt Gas Flame-56 SS

Serial No: 39 Registered 27 April 1979

First flown: 13/5/79, Oswestry, Shropshire

Belonged to British Gas Corp

Their presence there went down extremely well alongside the incredible new special shapes that were being flown over the weekend.