BBM&L Inflation Day a Success

The badgeThe 12th BBM&L Inflation Day at Lakeside Lodge, Pidley near Huntingdon was a great success. David Hopkins of Lakeside Lodge had stepped into the breach when the original site failed, and no one can fault his venue.

Organised over months by Tim and Martyn Turner, and helped by teams of excellent people, the pilots, crew, BBM&L Friends, LAASi members and the public were able to see and be involved in the inflation of 71 different balloons.

Prizes were awarded at the end of the day:

  • The Most Balloons Inflated: Neil Ivison
  • Oldest British balloon: GB-FOZ March 1978
  • Furthest travelled old balloon: OO-BAX from Belgium 1978
  • Furthest travelled Senior Pilot: Derry Moore
  • The Rarest balloon and Good Egg prize to Chris Dunkley who inflated G-BIBZ
  • The Newest Balloon and Excellent Host Prize to David Hopkins

See the article, courtesy of Chris Dunkley of Easy Balloons and Wendover Trailers, who obviously enjoyed the day as much as everybody else.