Balloon Museum Acquisitions 2010

N1001PThe British Balloon Museum & Library have had some superb acquisitions during 2010.

Many books, burners, trophies and flown stamps have joined the collections, but also there were a great number of acquisitions of envelopes.

One balloon of particular interest was ‘Holiday’ N1001P, donated by well known balloonist Don Piccard from the United States. This delicate envelope arrived as hand luggage from the US for the Museum.

The Museum has a policy of only looking after one off production envelopes, record breaking balloons or balloons with an excellent story attached.

‘Holiday’ donated by Don Piccard was the first ever manned flight of a Mylar or polyester balloon. It was built for Don, at the G. T. Schjeldahl Co in 1960 for Holiday Erickson Petroleum Company and first flown with helium, by Willie Piccard, Don’s wife, off a barge on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a World Class A-1 Altitude Record in 1960 of just over 1,000 meters. They landed in a mosquito infested swamp near Stanchfield, Minnesota.

The other Balloons you see illustrated below, were donated to the British Balloon Museum & Library, or given on loan to the Museum in 2010.

It is not often that a balloon is young and airworthy enough to be flown, but they can all be inflated, and the BBM&L Inflation Days give a chance for the friends of the Museum, and the public to see these colourful artefacts.

The next inflation Day will be in 2012.

If you want to know any further details about each balloon envelope, contact us through the Who is Who section of this website.