Chairman’s Award – The David Liddiard Trophy

At the British Balloon Museum & Library annual luncheon on 25th October 2009, Chairman, Richard d’Alton announced that there was going to be a new trophy awarded. The Chairman’s award, in the form of the David Liddiard Trophy balloon.

The trophy is a renovated wooden balloon which was donated by David Liddiard to the Museum. John and Sheila Green renovated it, re-strung it, and made a carrying box for it, the handle being a portion of the rip line from the balloon Gemini.

Richard had realised that the members of the Balloon Council give their time free and work extremely hard behind the scenes to help the museum move forward.

Tim Turner, the Museum’s Secretary had performed his role for many years, sometimes going well beyond the call of duty to make things happen, also being the main organiser of the Inflation Days which are a major sources of revenue for the museum.

Richard recognised that Tim does this role thanklessly and without true recognition. He also said that he could not have carried out his role as Chairman without the help and guidance he received from Tim.

It is the intention that this trophy will be presented each year to a member of the Council as a formal acknowledgement or the hard work and support given to the Museum.