The BBM&L nightglow at Althorp

The BBM&L had a high presence at English Heritage’s Festival of History at Kelmarsh in July. During the event, Martyn Turner was approached and asked if the museum could provide two tethered balloons for a ‘Celebration of Northamptonshire’ at Althorp, home of the Spencer family.

A dinner for 400 was being held at Althorp with guests being invited from businesses and councils from all over the county of Northamptonshire.

Martyn managed to organise and manage this event, coordinating at all times with the Event Organisers. A BBM&L Leaflet was placed within 400 ‘goodie bags’ which were distributed on the evening.

Martyn said “It must be noted that without the help of some friends of the museum I could have not made this happen. Thank you to Andrew Gibson for meeting me on the Tuesday at East Midlands Airport services to loan G-ODAY, Richard d’Alton for writing the article to go in the programme, John Tyrrell and Wendy Rousell for coming along with a second balloon to tether, and Dave Ivison, Andy Austin, Jane Austin, Maureen Johnson, Barry Johnson to crew between both balloons.”

The rain miraculously ceased for the teams in the late afternoon, and they managed to inflate and tether the two balloons in the adjacent deer park for an hour whilst guests arrived.

As they had just finished packing the balloons away at the end, the heavens opened again. But the BBM&L had flown the flag in the dry.